Senator Wagner Tours North Shore Railroad to Learn More About Marcellus Shale Industry

Senator Scott Wagner (R-York) took part in an aerial tour yesterday of North Shore Railroad in the Williamsport area to learn more about the railroad and how it has been impacted by the growth of the Marcellus Shale industry in Pennsylvania.

He was joined in the tour by Gary R. Shields, the company’s President and CEO, and Todd Hunter, Director of Marketing.

Wagner, who has made it a priority to push for policies and legislation that promote jobs and economic development, said the Marcellus Shale industry has had a major economic impact on Pennsylvania communities.  However, he said concerns have been raised about health and safety and infrastructure issues.

“As a new Senator I am committed to educating myself on the issues and the intricacies of Pennsylvania,” said Wagner.  “One of the topics I have heard a lot about is Marcellus Shale – both positives and negatives – and I wanted to see for myself an area of Pennsylvania and a company that has been impacted by this industry.”

During the tour, Wagner stopped at the family-owned Jersey Shore Steel Company, which sits along the rail line.

Vice President of Operations, David Schultz, provided insight into how the company has become involved in the industry through the use of their rail yard for housing and selling frac sand.

“The Marcellus Shale industry has had a far-reaching impact even outside of Pennsylvania,” Wagner said.  “Rail cars are transporting specialty sand in from states like Wisconsin and Minnesota, providing jobs and business growth to those states, and in turn, providing the same for the railroad and other local businesses in Pennsylvania.”

Wagner says his background as a small business owner makes him sensitive to the challenges faced by many companies and the opportunities that exist to create new jobs.

“I find it very beneficial to talk to the job-creators in my district and around the state to learn first-hand how we can help them succeed,” he said.  “This tour provided an interesting and informative look at how an emerging industry is touching all areas of our state.”

David Schultz, VP Operations, Jersey Shore Steel Company; Todd Hunter, Director of Marketing, North Shore Railroads; Senator Scott Wagner

Senator Scott Wagner and Steve Allison, Terminal Manager, Arrow Material Services



Erin K. Marsicano