Senator Wagner Responds to Governor Wolf’s Syria Refugee Decision

Calls for Leadership and a Fact-Based Conversation

(Harrisburg, PA) – State Senator Scott Wagner today responded to Governor Wolf’s decision to publicly state that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will continue to accept refugees from Syria. Senator Wagner calls for all parties to work toward the goal of assisting innocent civilians in Syria while ensuring the safety of American citizens.

“My heart goes out to the people of Syria living under the rule of terrorism, and I believe that if we can help, we should,” said Senator Wagner. “The men, women, and children fleeing for their lives should be welcomed into this nation with open arms, but only after we’re able to ensure that they are not here to cause our own citizens harm. I’m not certain that we’re able to do that today, and neither is Governor Wolf.”

“There is a lot of uncertainty today about how these refugees are vetted, and Governor Wolf’s number one priority should be protecting the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,” explained Senator Wagner. “We are in the middle of a budget crisis here at home, and I think that it is irresponsible for the Governor to wade into a foreign policy discussion and distract from the serious problems that we have here in Pennsylvania.”

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