Tax Increases Could Be Avoided if State Agencies are Better Managed, Wagner says



HARRISBURG – Senator Scott Wagner (R-York) expressed his major concerns with a $570 million tax increase proposal voted on by the state Senate this morning.

“Today’s vote is not only a huge detriment to the taxpayers of Pennsylvania, these tax hikes will only further our competitive disadvantage in landing major investments from the private sector to create new jobs and opportunities for local residents,” Wagner said.

During his remarks to his colleagues, Wagner pointed out examples of major private sector investments that passed over Pennsylvania in favor of other states.

“It shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise that our state was ranked one of the worst states to start a business according to a recent report by WalletHub. Then again, we were also ranked in another study as the 42nd worst run state in the country. Today, we are taking another step back; not forward,” Wagner said.

Wagner also criticized Governor Tom Wolf, who billed taxpayers $1.8 million to pay a consultant to find cost savings in this year’s budget. Wagner said the bicameral Taxpayers’ Caucus he formed with Representative Seth Grove (R-York) produced a report that found over $3 billion in savings for taxpayers.

“We have state agencies that are not being managed and because of that, Governor Wolf’s best solution is calling for higher taxes on Pennsylvania families,” he said.

Listen to Senator Wagner’s comments during the Senate debate here.