Wagner: DNC bonusgate happened due to lack of leadership, vows to remedy problem

HARRISBURG – A day after Auditor General Eugene DePasquale highlighted the failure of the Wolf Administration’s handling of $10 million for the Democratic National Committee’s convention in Philadelphia last year, Senator Scott Wagner (R-York) announced plans to introduce legislation that would give the state the ability to recoup tax dollars spent on projects if bonuses are paid out for the same project or event.

“Pennsylvania taxpayers forked over $10 million for a political party to host their convention in Philadelphia while hefty bonuses were handed out to political operatives,” Wagner said. “I don’t care if it’s the Republicans or Democrats hosting a convention – if tax dollars are used to prop up an event, no one should receive bonuses. If bonuses can be afforded, then why are they asking for Pennsylvanians’ hard-earned tax dollars?”

Wagner’s legislation will require all contracts from the state to have a clawback provision if it is later found out that money used in the project or event provided bonuses to employees. The proposal will also require that any surplus grant funds must be returned to the state, and that any surplus of privately raised funds must be used to pay back the state for the grant funds provided.

“Economic development is important to Pennsylvanians, and so is accountability of taxpayer dollars. Unfortunately Governor Wolf was asleep at the switch when he sent Governor Rendell $10 million to host a political convention in Philadelphia,” Wagner said.

Senator Wagner recently sent out a memo to other Senators asking for support. You can view that memo here.