Wagner: Make Inspector General reports public

HARRISBURG – In light of the Wolf Administration’s decision to hide a recently concluded investigation into allegations surrounding the Lieutenant Governor’s treatment of staff, Senator Scott Wagner (R-York) announced his intentions to sponsor legislation that would require all Inspector General reports to be made public.

“Elected officials – including the governor and lawmakers – should not be able to use the Office of Inspector General like a private investigator,” Wagner said. “If taxpayer resources are used to conduct an investigation, then taxpayers have a right to see the findings.”

Wagner circulated a cosponsorship memorandum in the Senate regarding his forthcoming legislation.

Earlier this year, Governor Wolf signed Act 29 into law, which established the Office of Inspector General (OIG) in statute. The new law also requires annual reports to the General Assembly on the overall work of the office.

“The OIG spent considerable resources investigating a cheating scandal at the State Police Academy, and that report was made public,” Wagner said. “The bottom line is if taxpayer resources are used to compile a report, then the report should be made public regardless of the findings.”

Wagner expects to introduce his legislation early next year.

You can listen to Senator Wagner’s comments here.