Wagner: Pension costs, post-retirement health care crushing State System of Higher Education


HARRISBURG – Senator Scott Wagner (R-York) voiced his concerns for mounting costs plaguing the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE).

“Let me be crystal clear: I have no intention of closing down the State System of Higher Education,” Wagner said.

At last week’s state budget hearing with PASSHE, Wagner inquired about the continual reports of the retired West Chester University swim coach. Wagner filed a Right-to-Know request seeking the monthly payment made to the former swim coach. Earlier today, Wagner received a response from the State Employees’ Retirement System that said the retired swim coach from West Chester University will receive over $15,162 every month for the rest of his life – nearly $182,000 a year.

Citing hundreds of millions of dollars in increases to the pension obligations and post-retirement health care costs adversely impacting PASSHE’s financial stability, Wagner said reforms are a must.

“No one wants to see the PASSHE system fail, but we need to make some difficult decisions to get the system back on track to fiscal solvency,” Wagner added.