Tear the Tape


Senator Wagner talks regulatory reform

Pennsylvania has one of the heaviest regulatory burdens in the country. As of November 2017, the Pennsylvania Code, which contains all state regulations and other important state court decisions, notices and more, is over 50,000 pages long. If you printed all those pages double-sided, you would have a stack well over seven feet high.

The excessive regulation from Harrisburg is astonishing.

To see Pennsylvania prosper, we must encourage businesses to start, stay and grow in the Commonwealth. That means making it as efficient as possible for companies to provide the best product or service to their consumers.

I am currently working on legislation that would reform the regulatory approval process and restrict the growth of state bureaucracy. This will make living and doing business in Pennsylvania more affordable and attractive, and it will cut the cost of government.

Harrisburg must become more customer-service oriented. This means understanding what regulations are effective at protecting Pennsylvanians, and which regulations have become excessive, unnecessary, or overly confusing.

That is where I need your help.

I want to know if there are any excessive regulations that have directly impeded your ability to do business in Pennsylvania or to contribute to the general welfare of our Commonwealth.

I want to cut through the worst of the red tape to help our citizens achieve the best lives for themselves and their families, and I am reaching out to find the regulations that need to go.

If you have any particularly onerous regulations in mind, please tell me about them in the form below.


Do you deal with an excessive, confusing or unnecessary regulation?
Please tell me about it in the form below.

Tear the Tape

Reducing Red Tape
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