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Senate Unanimously Approves Wagner Measure Condemning Anti-Semitism

March 28, 2017
The Senate today unanimously approved a measure sponsored by Senator Scott Wagner (R-28) condemning acts of anti-Semitism in Pennsylvania and urging citizens to take a stand against all cultural and religious insensitivity.     [Read More]

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Office of the Budget – Budget Hearing

March 10, 2017
Senator Wagner noted that the PA Taxpayers’ Caucus Report he produced with Rep. Seth Grove and other Caucus members identified $3 billion in potential government savings, yet the Administration paid an outside firm $1.8 million to perform the same task.     [Read More]

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DEP Budget Hearing

March 09, 2017
During the Senate Appropriations hearing with Department of Environmental Protection Acting Secretary Patrick McDonnell, Senator Wagner touched on recycling grants, asked for an update on inspectors using iPads, and expressed concern with permit applications not being entered into DEP’s system upon receipt.     [Read More]

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Health & Human Services Budget Hearing

March 09, 2017
Senator Wagner asked questions of Secretary of Health Karen Murphy regarding implementation of the state’s medical marijuana program during a combined budget hearing with Secretaries representing the proposed consolidated Department of Health and Human Services.     [Read More]

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Education Budget Hearing

March 09, 2017
Senator Wagner expressed concerns regarding the pension system, degradation of Erie School District buildings, and the renewal process for cyber charter schools during the Senate Appropriations hearing with Secretary of Education Pedro Rivera.     [Read More]

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PA Liquor Control Board Budget Hearing

March 03, 2017
Senator Wagner questions members of the Liquor Control Board regarding the amount of revenue from liquor sales that are distributed to other Commonwealth agencies.     [Read More]

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Department of Corrections/Board of Probations and Parole Budget Hearing

March 03, 2017
Senator Wagner questions Chairman of the Board of Probation and Parole, Leo Dunn, regarding the hiring of 153 parole agents in the last 11 months.     [Read More]

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Labor & Industry Budget Hearing

March 01, 2017
During the Senate budget hearing with Labor & Industry Secretary Kathy Manderino, Senator Wagner asked about an October memo from the Department indicating a plan for closing UC call centers regardless of requested funding being authorized by the legislature.     [Read More]

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PennDOT Budget Hearing

February 27, 2017
Senator Wagner questioned Department of Transportation (PennDOT) Secretary Leslie Richards on bridge closures, PennDOT’s paving schedule, and trash on the highways.     [Read More]

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State Police Budget Hearing

February 23, 2017
Senator Wagner questioned Colonel Blocker and other representatives from the Pennsylvania State Police about the millions of dollars wasted on a radio system that doesn't work and needs millions of dollars more to be completely overhauled.     [Read More]