Save PA

Before We Ask Taxpayers for More Money We Need to Find Ways to Cut State Spending


A message from State Senator Scott Wagner [ssba]

My colleagues and I in the Republican House and Senate are standing up to Governor Wolf’s demands for more of your tax money. We’re calling on the Governor to first address the spending side of the equation before reaching into the wallet of taxpayers. That’s where we would like your input.  Please send me your suggestions for ways to reduce government spending and save tax dollars.  Here are some ways I believe we could see significant savings.

  • Eliminating prevailing wage mandates.
  • Moving management of pension funds to a private firm.
  • Implementing Gov. Wolf’s GO-TIME savings initiative.
  • Using savings from Medicaid expansion to prevent tax hikes rather than spending it.

Like all families and businesses, state government needs to cut costs and set priorities, rather than spending more and more every year.  I welcome your input, will review all suggestions and will highlight them on this site.

Governor Wolf doesn’t like when we ask questions about spending.

It is high time that taxpayers get answers on how their tax dollars are being used.

Governor Wolf finally admitted what we’ve known all along, that he is using school children and recipients of state funding as hostages in this budget battle.